R8 Series


After more than twenty years of continuous improvements, the hystorical stellar motor series IAM, IAC and IAMD evolve in the new R8 series.
Available in the three variants R8M (single displacement), R8C (dual displacement), R8D (single displacement heavy duty), replaces the old series granting supply chain continuity and full interchangeability.

R8 embodies all the technical developments and evolutions of the last few years, thus offering a more performing product with greater efficiencies.

Furthermore, with the new R8 series, Italgroup expands the displacement range of its stellar motors type reaching 13.000cc/rev. thanks to the new size H9: available in the displacements 7.000cc, 8.000cc, 9.000cc, 10.000cc, 11.000cc, 12.000cc e 13.000cc.

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