FDM Series

FDM Series

Multi-Stage Radial Piston Flow Dividers

The FDM radial piston flow dividers provide pressure-indipendent division of a flow into a maximum of 10 equal parts or eventually in different division ratios. Thanks to the high volumetric efficiency and low speed capability of the radial piston construction type, is possible to obtain dividing precisions up to 99% and excellent controllability even at low oilflows. Integrated reset valves grant misalignments compensation at end-stroke and protection against pressure peaks and cavitation.


- two-stages and multi-stages flow dividers
- high cavitation resistance
- accuracy: up to 99%
- wide working range
- add-on relief & cavitation valves
- different synchronization ratios available

Technical data

Model Max number of section Number of pistons per section Displacement
per section
Mac cont. Pressure Max int. Pressure  Peak Pressure Max cont. Flow per section Max int. Flow per section Max power per section Dry weight
      [cc/rev] [bar] [bar] [bar] [l/min] [l/min] [hp] [kW] [Kg]
FDM 34 10 9 34 250 280 320 45 60 20 15 35 per section

FDM 100   

10 9 102 250 280 320 125 160 54 40 45 per section