RC Series

RC Series

Wheel Motor with Drum Brake

RC wheel motor is composed by radial piston motor and drum brake for dynamic/parking braking. Complete of fixing holes for both vehicle's frame and tire, RC is a complete wheel drive with outstanding starting-constant torque, low speed capability, wide speed range and high compactness. Ideal for hydrostatic transmissions. 

Technical Features:

  • Fixed Displacement
  • Displacement Range : 150 - 195 cc/rev
  • Built-in Drum Brake  
  • Wide Speed Range
  • Compact Design
  • Hgih efficiency / High starting torque
  • Speed sensor predisposition
  • Open/Closed loop circuit


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Technical data

Size Total
 displacement [cc/rev]
Cont. output torque
Max. output torque
Max cont. 
pressure [bar]

Max int.
pressure [bar] 

Max Peak pressure

Max Output Speed

Max power [kW]
RC 150 150 600 790 250 280 350 1050 40
RC 195 195 775 970 250 280 350 900 40