Producers and worldwide distributors of radial piston hydraulic motors for more than 25 years, we guarantee our customers an innovative, customisable product, always at the state of the art and interchangeable with competitors units.

Our completely European-made range comprises motors with displacements form 20cc to 8000cc, available in both fixed and dual speed versions and combined with planetary gearboxes, brakes and valves of various kinds.

Our output also includes a large selection of radial piston flow dividers with a wide range of flow rates, from 5 l/min to 590 l/min per section.

These flow dividers, also available in multi-stage versions and with a variety of ratios, guarantee synchronisation precision of over 99% which, combined with excellent efficiency, makes this product extremely popular with our customers.

You can directly contact our Technical Departement which will give you all the necessary support to find the right solutions to your problems.

Our mission

The mission of ITALGROUP, promoted with great commitment by the founder and current Chairman Luciano Ghiaroni, is to achieve continual evolution through state-of-the-art research technologies combined with its staff’s many years of experience and technical expertise.

It is thanks to these inputs that we have succeeded, in almost 30 years in production, in offering a wide range of high performance, top quality hydraulic motors and flow dividers.
Our high standards are recognised worldwide thanks to a vast commercial network of authorised dealers and agents, capable of providing full, lasting support in all corners of the world.